-Explainer Illustrations and Animations for Education

to visually explain mathematics or other subjects to children -the Montessori way.

-Logistical Supply Chain Infographics

to quickly explain a complex procedure within any type Company or Organisation.

Illustrated or animated in any style: from realistic to cartoon.


AVE.IK Educational Illustration-Henri Goldsmann
Henri Goldsmann-Infographic Logistica
AVE.IK Educational Illustration-Henri Goldsmann
Supply Chain Infographic
Animated Infographic -Ajax
AVE.IK Infographic Illustration-Henri Goldsmann
Henri Goldsmann-Infographic-Ajax Acad
Infographic Ajax Pro Soccer youth Academ
Animated Infographic-Henri-Goldsmann--ToonI
 Infographic logistical-Tooninyourhead
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